Spiritual Development Program


Spiritual Development Program
Discover powerful tools and spiritual principles that will help you meet and overcome the challenges in your life. Our Spiritual Development Program will expand and deepen your awareness of God through prayer, self-discovery and historical and metaphysical studies centered on the Bible and universal spiritual laws.These courses present an overview of critical ideas and resources while refining the skills you need for lifelong spiritual growth. People from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to attend courses from this program. A wide variety of classes are available and no long-term commitment is required.Completion of the Spiritual Development Program is necessary for application to the Unity ministry
ordination path, the Leadership Development Program, or the Licensed Unity Teacher
Program.We offer courses in the following areas:

Biblical Studies

BI-820 Bible Overview: Hebrew Scriptures

Build your Bible knowledge with this overview of biblical history and metaphysics. Make sure you take this basic course as early in your studies as possible.

BI-821 Bible Overview: Christian Scriptures

Build your Bible knowledge with this overview of biblical history and metaphysics. Make sure you take this basic course as early in your studies as possible.

BI-803 The Christ in the Bible

Learn how Old Testament messianic prophecy and New Testament accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus tell not only the story of Christ in history but of Christ awakening in every soul. The central focus of the course will be the Gospel of John.

BI-804 The Creative Process in the Bible

Explore Unity’s unique way of interpreting the seven days of creation from the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible. Learn to use these seven steps to create your own life.

BI-802 Jesus’ Teachings in the Bible

A literal and metaphysical exploration of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth uncovers the heart of the Unity message and how that message evolves through the process of life. The primary focus of the course will be the three synoptic gospels–Matthew, Mark, and Luke–and the first part of Acts.

BI-605 Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures

The tools of metaphysical interpretation will be used to explore various stories from the Old Testament.

BI-604 Bible Interpretation: Acts-Revelation

This course will utilize the tools of metaphysical interpretation to explore the letters and the Book of Revelation.


Prayer Studies

PR-800 Life of Prayer

Explore the benefits and purposes of prayer, seek methods for deepening your personal prayer life, and develop a credo for your prayer life.

PR-801 Meditation Practices

This class explores several different meditation practices. You will have an opportunity to experience these practices and discover ones that work best for you.


Interdepartmental Studies

IS-800 Development of the Unity Movement

Examine the development of the Unity movement as an institution and an idea. Review the spiritual evolution of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and their unique contributions and consciousness, the influence of Emma Curtis Hopkins and H. Emilie Cady, the development of focus and identity in the teachings, the emergence of Silent Unity and the field ministries, and the spiritual principles and mystical themes underlying the expansion of Unity’s work.

HI-604 Background of New Thought

Explore the ideas and events that led to the emergence of Christian Science, the New Thought tradition and Unity. Students will gain a greater understanding of both the similarities and differences among these three traditions.

Metaphysical Studies

MS-800 Prosperity

You’ll discover what it means to develop a giving consciousness, what the truth is about money, how to replace a consciousness of lack with a lasting consciousness of abundance and more.

MS-801 Twelve Powers

Explore the 12 fundamental attributes of Divine Mind that form our spiritual nature and express themselves through our minds as divine ideas and faculties. Based on Charles Fillmore’s The Twelve Powers of Man.

MS-802 Lessons in Truth

Broaden your consciousness with a basic introduction to metaphysical study and the practical use of Truth principles in daily living. Based on H. Emilie Cady’s classic Lessons in Truth, first published in 1895, with the addition of newly formulated metaphysical insights.

MS-804 Discover the Power Within You

Take a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus from a metaphysical and philosophical point of view. See how the great idea of “Christ in you”-emphasized in Eric Butterworth’s book-can lead to biblical and personal revelations.

MS-815 Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness – Part 1
MS-816 Myrtle and Charles on Healing and Wholeness – Part 2

These courses are based in the spiritual laws and universal principles that support the expression of heath and wholeness in our bodies and affairs as Jesus presented them. We will be working with Myrtle and Charles Fillmore’s interpretation of how Jesus used and demonstrated those in his own life.

MS-820 Metaphysics I Part 1
MS-821 Metaphysics I Part 2
MS-822 Metaphysics II Part 1
MS-823 Metaphysics II Part 2

During these courses you will explore some of the fundamental principles of spiritual law and how they can be applied to your life for greater love, health, and prosperity. By studying the works of prominent Unity writers, as well as specific metaphysical and theological views, you will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth. Through the consistent use of these practical principles, you will realize more of your spiritual potential and find that your life is transformed! Some of the topics explored in this class are:

  • God
  • Three fold nature of humankind
  • Heaven
  • Healing
  • Denials and Affirmations,
  • and others