Tithing and Thriving




There is much said and much written about tithing.  Some churches require a commitment to tithe to be a member; however, Unity of Fox valley does not.  Tithing is a commitment to giving one tenth of your income to the place where you are spiritually fed, usually your church.

We, Unity of Fox Valley, tithe one tenth of all of our donations to sustain those who spiritually feed us and also tithe back into our community because we believe in this spiritual concept.

There is nothing magic about tithing.  It is a spiritual tool that reminds us to “Put God First.”  By choosing to tithe, we choose to make our spirituality a priority in our life and by doing so we support our spiritual home and family knowing it will continue it work in the future.  The practice of tithing is also a commitment to our deepening spiritual growth.

Tithing is not to be confused with donations to other charitable organizations. To participate in Tithing please use Donation Form or contact church office for any questions.